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Toatal Registered Worker : 29740
Toatal Registered Companies : 2944


Services to Factory Members:

    Legal Advice: BGMEA Labor Cell provides legal advice to its member-units in various labor and compliance related issues.
    Bi-lateral Committee:  BGMEA has formed a Bi-lateral committee on 30th June 1997 with Registered Trade Union Federation to solve labor issues such as maternity leave, overtime, payment of wages, minimum wages.
    Conciliation-cum-Arbitration Committee (CAC): Since 26th April 1998 CAC in accordance to Industrial Relations Ordinance   (IRO)-1969 performs the following activities:

   1. The committee solves the grievances of the owners and the workers rapidly to keep production uninterrupted;
   2. The committee tries to solve the disputes without any charge that arise between the owner and the employees of the factory before referring the matter to court.


    Provides trade information to its members
    Keeps its members updated on contemporary global business trends
    Endorses ICT solutions for better management of RMG units
    Manages a B2B web portal directly linking RMG exporters and buyers
    Organises seminars and dialogues for recommending on key policies for trade and industry
    Provides advisory services to its member on how to improve environmental standards
    Publishes a newsletter about RMG business news, events and activities in Bangladesh
    Fosters relationships between the local exporters and international buyers by arranging fairs in Bangladesh and participates with its members in international fairs

Helps members to honour national and international compliance.




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